Excellent hand made soap. Very gentle, low fragrance but ultra rich and creamy. Awesome product!
– Mary B. Burlington, ON, Canada
My son has eczema and this soap is gentle enough for daily use and mositurizes his skin. Fantastic!
– Melissa L. Pinebrook, NJ, USA
I used the skin soothing soap and loved it! Not much scent, but it worked up into a luxurious lather and rinsed off nicely. After one use my skin feels soft and clean, but not tight. It’s safe to say that I will be a returning customer!
– Eve L. Toronto, ON, Canada
Having eczema prone skin I’m careful about what I use on my skin. I must say I’ve really enjoyed Mamma Oceania handmade soap. Each bar I’ve sampled has been a generous portion size containing natural ingredients that were completely non-irritating for my skin. The creamy texture produced a rich lather and a refreshing scent left my skin feeling happily moisturised and naturally clean.
– Sheri C. Mississauga, ON, Canada
I love this soap! It cleans while softening and moisturizing. It is an all natural product, environmentally safe, made of very high quality ingredients, and does not have any artificial scents or chemicals added. Great for my sensitive skin. It is a soap that overall feels great. I highly recommend.
– Christina B. Toronto, ON, Canada
Mamma Oceania Handmade Soap is great product…I love all the care in the ingredients that is offered in this soap line.
– Nathanial J. Toronto, ON, Canada

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